How To Get Rid Of These 5 Common Pests

cockroach poisonPests are an annoyance and along with the diseases that it brings, the presence of pests will also reduce the value of your house. Here, we have narrowed down the 5 most common household pests and identified the most effective way of getting rid of them. Read on for great tips and tricks!


Roaches are everyone’s worst nightmare. They are unsightly and usually rise in numbers in the warmer months. Roach infestations are dangerous as they carry with them diseases. They are known to run all over your cutlery and food leaving behind a trail of bacteria and poisonous droppings. Unfortunately, killing the one-off roach that you see will do nothing. There is usually a whole colony of them hiding in dark corners of the house. The best way to get rid of roaches is to set up cockroach baits. This effective roach poison is the best roach killer available on the market now. When one cockroach eats the bait, it does not die immediately. It will bring back some of the bait to the others and other cockroaches which eventually eats the bait will die as well.


Ants are very much like roaches in the sense that they exist in large numbers. Killing an individual ant will not eliminate the ant problem in your home. What you have to do is to use ant bait. Squeeze out some gel bait in areas where you commonly see ants. Remember to apply the gel far away from the reach of your children and pets. The ants will eat the bait and bring it back to the ant nest to feed the other ants. If you are lucky, the queen ant herself will eat some of the gel poison and this will destroy the entire colony. To prevent more ants from coming back, do also remember to seal up any cracks you see in the walls or windows.


Fleas are a common problem for households with pets. Whenever you bring your dog or cat to a park, it is highly likely for it to contract fleas from other pets at the park. This can also happen at the groomers where your dogs or cats mix freely with other pets.

The best way to get rid of fleas is to spray your whole house down with flea spray and wear a flea collar on your pet. The chemical in the collar will slowly seep into your pet’s blood where the fleas sucking on them will get poisoned. Remember to vacuum your house and throw out the dust bag as soon as you’re done. Wash and boil all bedding, carpet and rugs to kill off any remaining fleas and their eggs. If all else fails, call the pest control professionals.


Crickets usually hide in dark corners of the house and will only start chirping in the still of the night. It is very annoying when there is a cricket in your bedroom as the chirp is very loud and will definitely affect your sleep. To get rid of crickets, spray insecticide in the corner of cabinets and hard to reach areas. The residue from the spray can last up to 3 months and new crickets will not come back to that area.


Spiders gravitate to dark places and usually make their webs in corners of the ceiling and inside cabinets. They make these webs to trap other insects which are their source of food. So all you have to do to get rid of spiders is to get rid of other insects in your house. You can start by clearing up clutter and removing existing old webs. Wiping down the inner corners of your cabinet will also usually do the trick when it comes to eliminating spiders.